Due to the unusual Covid-19 pandemic, the whole country is in complete lockdown for almost three month now. The lockdown has undoubtedly slowed the spread of the virus and the situation remains unsettled but under control so far. 

Problems people are having during coronavirus lockdown:

1 People are experiencing a completely new and different situation which they have never experienced in their lifetime and therefore no one was mentally prepared for this. In the beginning, what began with the joy of getting a chance to spend more time with family, oneself and a break from the daily race from morning to evening has now turned into boredom, stress, anxiety and uncertainty for most people.

2 For most people this lockdown coupled with financial stress, unpredictability regarding career, a possibility of economic slowdown translating into business losses and job losses in future. Now this is topped with the possible fear of catching the covid-infection and possible death. Watching news full of deaths and spreading infection also increases the fears.

3 Parents at home with kids are now thinking about what to do with so much time they now have to spend with their kids as they were never prepared for it. Similarly kids who were busy from morning to evening with school, friends, outdoor games, and tuition are now forced to spend all their energy in the home with only their parents at their disposal.

4 Many people who are stuck lonely away from family are experiencing the effects of long term isolation on their mental health which may include frustration, easy irritability, sleep issues, amotivation, helplessness, low mood, anxiety and may lead to depression.

All this scenario definitely adds a lot of stress and is bound to affect your mental health if you are not taking care to keep it in good shape. People who already have anxiety problems are finding their anxiety levels going up, similarly people vulnerable to depression are at more risk during this time. 

Here are some ideas about how to overcome those depressed feelings during this time of lockdown or social distancing, which will likely to last several weeks.

1 Reduce access to the three A’s : Alienation, anger and anxiety.

Accept the situation in a positive way and do the things you love. Changing your perspective is important as this is the only thing that helps you to deal with all the other things happening in your day. If you opt this way you will think better and you will do the upcoming thing better. 

The best way to change your perception is to not to watch so much news, articles and rumours coming from whatsapp.

2 Seek out healthy activities.

Start exploring different activities that will make you busy. Rediscovering healthy hobbies or activities like wood-working, knitting, cooking, painting, photography, reading and writing. Do activities that involve as much of your body as possible, like yoga. 

3 Increase your productivity.

Activities that give you productivity are a good antidote to loneliness. Rather than only watching movies or doing other passive activities, start an activity you’ve been putting off. It’s best time to start off small and focus only on goals you can directly control or influence. Moderate exercise is the best way to help yourself  and feel productive.

4 Safely connect with others.

Express gratitude to someone through an email or social media. Resume your childhood activities and family tradition that’s long been forgotten, like game night. Connect with your cousin and remember your old gold memories.

5 Participate in activities that open new possibilities.

Activities that open doors to live a new way of life:

Spiritual/religious practice: Meditate. Pray. Read from spiritual texts. Spiritual activities increase connection between your beliefs and your sense of well being.

Art/music: check out great works of art. Listen to composers and music who inspire you. Allow yourself to explore other genres of music that lift you up.

Ideas: Think new ideas and start writing it. We all get lots of ideas but as time paasses away we forget it. So recall your ideas and note them.

If you or someone you care about is filled with emotions like sadness, depression, anxiety  or feel like you want to harm yourself or others. Then visit your doctor instantly.